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Lazy as a Slug on the outside, but busy as an Undercover Gopher.

I know that I seem dead at times, well it seems I am.  I work about 0430 am to 0500 pm in the evening.  Other than that, I think that this week has been particulary bad.  I been getting off work about 6 or later in the night and somebody decided to say he wanted to kill himself.  When someone tells you that, not in the humorous black way I joke, that means they need help ASAP.  I didn't get the impression that he would, but in my line of work you cannot ignore it.  He struck me more of the paranoid 90%, 8% schitzo, and about 2% suicidal. 

I'll post more about it on my main page.

The HUNTER forum MUST CHANGE!!!  It has not changed since I have been gone, which has me depressed. 

Bad News: I'm still working 13+ hours during the M-F sometimes Sat Schedule.

Good News: I've found a new free internet hot spot to hang about.

If three are any compliants, comments, concerns, or venting from a brutal epic failure with your boss at work.  Here's the place to do it at. 

- I am hoping to update the last chapter or nix it due to the lack a support that this site is recieving, even from the regulars.  I'm about ready to update to the new WoD Rule/Core book and the newer Hunter: The Vigil rules.  All players will need to read some of the changes on the official WoD webpage (link is pasted below):


- This link provides not only updates to the WoD sets, but to the Exalted, DM/Storyteller guides, and other specialty books for appendixies. 
- Character Sheet (PDF) soft copies are avail on the site, for conviniance of the illegible hand writers.
- If there something that you (the player) feels that is missing, please contact me either on this post or my personal LJ page.   (check my profile for more details)

- NEEDED!  I am looking for people who either interested or have ideas for updates to redesign the image of this community.
Tags: hunter the reckoning, hunter the vigil, white wolf role playing, world of darkness
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