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I am reposting this in hopes of continuing this tonight! :D

Davis : That should do.

Angelus: Is this really that necessary? He’s already unconscious.

Ethan: For insurance, his fits may have calmed down but still can happen at any given moment. Until we can properly assess what is wrong with him, then we will take all these restraints off of him.

Angelus knew that he will not win this debate about Will’s treatment while unconscious. Instead he decided to ask something else.

Angelus: What are those inscriptions engraved on the straps?

Ethan: These are from Kratos and these restraints that are strewn around William absorb “evil energy.” The secondary function is a warding presence to all other beings within what Kratos the where we come from.

Somewhat puzzled at why they would be using that particular type of restraint on Will is a puzzle. He was inquisitive at the new subject that was brought up. Where “they” come from. “From” as if not from this world or region?

Angelus: Where is that?

Ethan: That would be---

Davis : What shelf was that you wanted me to look in again????

Ethan: You’re looking at the wrong one, go to the far end of the hallway and take a right. It will be the shelf in the middle. Fourth shelf up and twelve books to the right of the second red hardback bound book.

Angelus: ……….. (Was lost at the word fourth.)

Ethan: (Turns to Angelus.) So what were you going to ask me?

At a loss for words and what he was about to say, he paused and tried to ask again. Only to be interrupted again.

???: Where is he…?

Ethan: Master! You’re back!

??? : Who is that?

Such dominating presence! Just being in the same room as their master is enough to determine that, it’s a good thing he’s not hungry or looking at me that way. Though he does seem very irritated by the fact I am here unannounced and that Will is not the one greeting him.

Ethan: Master, He’s the one that William has mentioned several times over.

Davis finally comes in dashing down the hall, almost missing the door to the room. Carrying several volumes of literature, old and decrepit as can be.

Davis : Master Kratos! Here is what you have requested!

Angelus: (Kratos? This is Kratos?!?)

He couldn’t believe it. This is the man that he was to refer to by, his friend. Before this, “thing” infecting Will. Even in his unconscious state, he still reacts to Kratos’ presence as he approached. Even though it’s


Oracle: For the last time I don’t know where he went off to and no he hasn’t even stepped foot into here.

Drifter: How about your bouncer? He’s missing too.

Oracle: He has the next two days off and don’t ask me why.

Drifter: Fine. Then I’ll go looking for Angelus, even if I have no leads.

She leaves Amethyst Moon, to look for Angelus. She hopes that nothing has happened to him, because she remembers their meeting with a pair of unusual men. What made them different from people they generally met is how they said they knew William. No too many refer to Will that way. Yes, even if William is his full first name. Will was what everyone at work or even around “us” would call him. Worried, she hastened her stride to find Angelus. Before “they” or something else does.

Kratos approached Will, his reaction this time was more violent. It was almost like he was awake, but wasn’t at the same time. His fits are starting again, but he was also burning up feverishly. It’s like his body thinks it’s in danger, but why?
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