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I am reposting this in hopes of continuing this tonight! :D

Davis : That should do.

Angelus: Is this really that necessary? He’s already unconscious.

Ethan: For insurance, his fits may have calmed down but still can happen at any given moment. Until we can properly assess what is wrong with him, then we will take all these restraints off of him.

Angelus knew that he will not win this debate about Will’s treatment while unconscious. Instead he decided to ask something else.

Angelus: What are those inscriptions engraved on the straps?

Ethan: These are from Kratos and these restraints that are strewn around William absorb “evil energy.” The secondary function is a warding presence to all other beings within what Kratos the where we come from.

Somewhat puzzled at why they would be using that particular type of restraint on Will is a puzzle. He was inquisitive at the new subject that was brought up. Where “they” come from. “From” as if not from this world or region?

Angelus: Where is that?

Ethan: That would be---

Davis : What shelf was that you wanted me to look in again????

Ethan: You’re looking at the wrong one, go to the far end of the hallway and take a right. It will be the shelf in the middle. Fourth shelf up and twelve books to the right of the second red hardback bound book.

Angelus: ……….. (Was lost at the word fourth.)

Ethan: (Turns to Angelus.) So what were you going to ask me?

At a loss for words and what he was about to say, he paused and tried to ask again. Only to be interrupted again.

???: Where is he…?

Ethan: Master! You’re back!

??? : Who is that?

Such dominating presence! Just being in the same room as their master is enough to determine that, it’s a good thing he’s not hungry or looking at me that way. Though he does seem very irritated by the fact I am here unannounced and that Will is not the one greeting him.

Ethan: Master, He’s the one that William has mentioned several times over.

Davis finally comes in dashing down the hall, almost missing the door to the room. Carrying several volumes of literature, old and decrepit as can be.

Davis : Master Kratos! Here is what you have requested!

Angelus: (Kratos? This is Kratos?!?)

He couldn’t believe it. This is the man that he was to refer to by, his friend. Before this, “thing” infecting Will. Even in his unconscious state, he still reacts to Kratos’ presence as he approached. Even though it’s


Oracle: For the last time I don’t know where he went off to and no he hasn’t even stepped foot into here.

Drifter: How about your bouncer? He’s missing too.

Oracle: He has the next two days off and don’t ask me why.

Drifter: Fine. Then I’ll go looking for Angelus, even if I have no leads.

She leaves Amethyst Moon, to look for Angelus. She hopes that nothing has happened to him, because she remembers their meeting with a pair of unusual men. What made them different from people they generally met is how they said they knew William. No too many refer to Will that way. Yes, even if William is his full first name. Will was what everyone at work or even around “us” would call him. Worried, she hastened her stride to find Angelus. Before “they” or something else does.

Kratos approached Will, his reaction this time was more violent. It was almost like he was awake, but wasn’t at the same time. His fits are starting again, but he was also burning up feverishly. It’s like his body thinks it’s in danger, but why?
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Angelus: So, you can help him, right?

Kratos turned and pierced Angelus with an icy glare. One thing that Angelus had learned in his short time of dealing with the supernatural, was to not show fear. Yet he couldn't help himself, he cringed fearfully and looked down at the floor instead. His presence was so overwhelming, he felt like he was a criminal in the presence of a great lord or king. It was obvious that this Kratos didn't really want him here, but he didn't seem like he was about to chase him out or attack him.

Ethan and Davis began talking with Kratos about Will's condition, the books Davis had brought in, and what measures they should be taking. Angelus glanced again at his friend, deeply worried about what was about to happen. The one thing that bothered him about the supernatural is that when something went wrong, there was no hospital or medicine you could take to fix it. And no medical text or form of science was going to fix whatever problem Will was having.

Kratos: This is a lot more serious then I imagined. We'll begin discussing what we should do...right after he leaves *nodding at Angelus*

Angelus: What? Me? But why?

Kratos: I can't have you interfere

Angelus: Interfere with what? What do you plan to do? I can't just leave him, Will is my friend-

Kratos: If you want to save his life, you WILL leave.

Angelus: ...

Davis: Come on man, just trust us on this. You can wait in the library if you want.

Angelus: ...I guess I have no choice then...

Angelus reluctantly leaves the room.


Drifter: Man, where could I even start to look? Maybe I should try Angelus's house...

This emptiness, uneasiness. This familiar sense of paranoia and hopelessness. Reliving that night, that nightmare is the last thing that...

Will couldn't recall what he was thinking last, what was bothering him at all.

???: A consummate host...is...

Then all of his senses began to blur.

???: Nothing is as it seems, but soon the contract will be complete. The reward is far to generous for the price offered, but...

*At Oakvale Ave Apartments.*

Drifter: Angelus? *bangs her fist about the door.*

Silence. Getting frustrated with being the last to know what those two idiots plan.


She still heard nothing. Usually he'd be stampeding about to save his precious door from my wrath. Quietly Drifter turned the knob. His appartment was unlocked. She instantaly knew there was something terribly wrong here. If there was one thing, Angelus NEVER left his door unlocked. Like a bull in a China Shop, Drifter ran in towards the kitchen. She checked the counter top, on it there was a note and a set of keys.


>In the Study<

Angelus: Why.

Filled with Anger, confusion, and guilt. Sitting down with his hands grasping his forehead. Am I really that powerless to even help my friend when he needs me most. If he is like this and someone is purposly attacking us, what is there to say I'm not next or someone else.

Suddenly felt a frigid chill and a shiver down his spine. He sprung to his feet shoving the chair away. He surveyed his surroundings with a discerning stare.

Angelus: (I could swear that something just came in through that window.) *sighs* (Maybe I'm overreacting.)

He turns around to sit back down to continue his independant research, then raises his head to something most unexpected.

???: Good evening my good sir. I have been sent to retrieve something of most urgent importance to my sire.

Something told Angelus that this person was not welcome, but something in Angelus' head clicked. "Sire"? Isn't that a term for....
Drifter leaned over to read the note on the table. It looked like it had been written in a hurry, as she could barely decipher the handwriting. On the note he had left a somewhat cryptic message:

"I left you a present in the kitchen cabinet. Please don't show it to anyone, especially not Will.

I'm sorry. I know you'll be wondering who I am, but I can't reveal myself to you yet. Just know that I am not an enemy."

Drifter: Who in the world...

Drifter turned over the note, to find a message scribbled down in Angelus's handwriting. It was an address she didn't recognize. She folded the note and put it in her pocket, and took the keys as well. But she couldn't get the strange message out of her head. What was in the kitchen cabinet?

Drifter: Just a peek couldn't hurt, right?


Angelus looked up to the man who looked in his mid-fifties, wearing a very formal-looking suit. Any normal person would have mistaken him for just a middle-aged gentleman, except that Angelus noted that he was also deathly pale. The fact that he used the term "Sire" also meant...

Angelus: Who are you? What do you want?

Angelus was slightly nervous. It was bad enough he was in a house full of vampires, but lately it seemed that was all he was running into, even if he had been lucky enough to find some friendly ones.

????: Oh dear, how rude. My name is Andrew Hadley, you may call me Mr. Hadley. As for what I want...

Mr. Hadley's gentle-looking demeanor grew slightly more malicious. Although in the dimly-lit room, it went unnoticed.

Mr. Hadley: I believe you have I want, Mr. Maxwell...
Angelus: I do? Then could you kindly tell me what it is you are looking for?

Mr Hadley: Did I say something. Mr. Maxwell, let me please rephase my previous statement. I'm not looking for something, I'm looking for someone. A specific someone that I have been ordered to retrieve for my Sire. He said it was of upmost urgency to retrieve him now.

*At the Appartments.*

Drifter stuble about looking for the light switch. Grumbling to herself, she flips the switch to see trails of blood all over the tile.

Drifter: What's that from?

Funny enough, Angelus was the only one that remembered that night William was coughing up blood. Everyone else was kept in the dark about it.

Drifter's curiosity of the cupboard took priority over the blood stains of the tile.
Angelus: Look, if you're after Will-

Mr. Hadley: *Laughs* Will? Oh goodness no, though my Sire is greatly interested in him as well.

Angelus: *Swallows hard* Then, it's...

Mr. Hadley: It's you, Mr. Maxwell. My Sire sent me to retrieve you.

Angelus: I-I won't go with you

Mr. Hadley: I'm afraid that's not an option, Mr. Maxwell.

*Back to Drifter*

Drifter reached up to the cabinets and opened them, finding a dusty old box inside. She carefully took it out, afraid of smashing the contents inside. And then, as if she were opening Pandora's box, she lifted the lid and peeked inside.

Inside the box was a collection of notes. She lifted the lid even more and found them written in a language she didn't understand. She pulled them out and stuck them under her arm.

Drifter: Maybe if I give these to Angelus, he'd know what it says.

(XD Run Angelus, RUN! ROFL)

Angelus tried to move, but his body wouldn't obey him.

Mr. Hadley: I'm sorry for you that it had to come to this.

He was fully paralized. He coulden't open his mouth to scream or plea for help. The otehrs are only in the room across the hall.


It was Kratos and he was livid with rage. Mr. Hadley's power over him seem to weaken over the sudden distraction. Angelus fell to his feet, he was free of the curse. He looked right to see Ethan and Davis next to him.

Kratos: You dare to defile my home, Vernture filth.

Angelus couldn't believe what he was watching, either his eyes are worse than he thought or this vampire was terrified of Kratos' presence. Angelus watched lightining bolts spark from the fingertips of Kratos strike near the other vampire, but Mr. Hardley made a hasty retreat out the window he came.

Davis: Stay here with Etahn. I'm going...
Kratos: You are going no where, Davis. I will have Etahn accompany me on the search this time. I'm having you watch him instead. Ethan, we mustn't lose its trail.

Ethan quickly follows Kratos and vanishs out the window too.

Davis: *sighs* I know that Ethan is older than I, but I don't like being excluded.

Davis looks at Angelus, he knew what the look on that face was going to ask.

Davis: If you want to know how Will's doing, he's stable but his condition is deteriorating. Kratos just pulled a book from a shelf that neither of me or Ethan are banned to touch. Shook his head and keep reading. Whatever this ailment is, Kratos if just as baffled as we are. If you'd like...I could break the rules just this once to let you see him.

Davis knew that Kratos would be against this, but he couldn't help but feel what Angelus was going though. He went though something similar himself, but it was his sibling. Maybe that's why he feels that Angelus can be trusted. As they approached the door, Davis felt a great surge of evil energy behind the door.

Davis: Angelus, Move!

The door was locked, let with very little options in this situation. With incredile force, Davis ripped the door from its hinges. Rushing in, he quickly found that Will was missing and left a tremendous mess aa he left. Or was it something possessing him. For Will to escape, required him to aquire inhuman strength or powers of the sort. The stench of blood was thick in the room, the floor was coated in a trail cluing the two in on to how he left.
As Drifter left the apartment the one thing that caught her eye earlier no curiousity had brought her back to was the blood on the tile floor.

Drifter:What the F*ck.....