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Black as Sin

*Later at the hospital*

A subtle haze was in his mind, but nothing came to. He couldn't remember what had just taken place. But he could hear someone talking about, "He's coming to!!!!" His vision was still blurred, everything was still fuzzy yet he was able to reconize the voice near him. It was Khalie's, but what was so important to bring Ryan there too?

Ryan: Are you okay? Wait a momment---

Before Will could get up to sit upright, his brother stopped him.

Will: Why are you---
Ryan: I told Khalie to wait outside, so that we could talk.
Will: And why would you want to do that?
Ryan: Quit whatever dangerous business you're doing brother. For Khalie.
Will: You know I cannot do---
Ryan: At least for the rest of this month, Will?
Will: *looks around* Why am I in a hospital?
Ryan: Don't you remember anything?

In return to his question, Will gave him a blank respose.

Will: I cannot recall, other than talking to Khalie...and that's it.
Ryan: Just stick to reading books for a while, okay?
Will: Fine. (and accepts defeat by laying flat on the hospital bed.
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