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Hunter: The Reckoning and White Wolf RP site

Will Struffenhuan at your service, as you local +Hunter Rep+

Aymthest Moon~~A Hunter's Paradise
Ft. Huachuca
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Name: William (prefers Will) Struffenhaun
Age: 25
Height: 6’0 ½’’

Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Trickster
Concept: Professional (Bioengineer)
Creed: Vision

Here’s a partial bio on the character that I rp as on Hunter. I chose to draw him to look like Reno off of FF VII….. I liked the look when I drew him up and was very pleased with it. I’ll post that sometime, when I get a scanner. I’m going to post up a back story on events that have happened till present. When I get enough time to get around to that. From my character’s point of view. I would say the character that runs the show as far as appearance is my friend’s character Angelus Maxwell. Now to begin with the beginning. If you think I’m going to post Will’s imbuing within this text you are mistaken. There is reason for this and for storytelling purposes only.

Normally people would think you were crazy if you told them you see monsters, right? Well I was proven wrong on several occasions. *sighs* Where should I start?

It was about 5 years ago, when I met an old friend of mine. He was a fellow student and partner in science that I didn’t mind talking to once in a while. If it wasn’t for him, I’d probably still be without any one to talk to, aside from family. I hardly keep my ties with them anyways, I always found talking with my family(other than my sister Khaile)was almost like I’m at work still cutting deals and managing the deadlines I had frequently to meet everyday. All this though is after what some hunters call the imbuing. One day Angelus asked me if I would join him to go have a drink with him at the Amethyst Moon. The Amethyst Moon is a small pub, about 20 minutes from where Angelus lives. Because we were common regulars to the place, there were no problems getting past the bouncer, Gavv Zelonious. The two siblings who owned the place were very cheery to describe at best. Oddly this night there was hardly any activity, which was very suspicious for a Saturday night. Even for a small bar like this. About midnight later that night we found out why. I am thankful at the same time curse my heightened second vision I gained as a gift as a hunter. Unlike Angelus, I don’t need to strain my energy to “see” the creatures that dwell and prey upon helpless or unsuspecting victims.

There is 3-4-8? No it’s a whole mob of them! But it seems that they are---wait why are they staring back as if? I turn to look at the other door leading to the southern entrance, but to no avail they’ve blocked that off too. But the second group that entered is dressed differently…. It’s like they’re fight for rights for this ground! Angelus gave me the same look to cue; it’s time we do something. But what? There’s too many of them and we are obviously out numbered…. But there was still something that seemed out of place, the kid was working by himself tonight and these creatures don’t seem to bother him. A loud ruckus of glass shattering as a monster was thrown into the bar. The bouncer? Does he know what he is challenging?!?! Unless…and that night shown to both me and Angelus that there are others that share the power to see them too…but to our utmost surprise. The kid was able to see them also. After a conjoined effort, what started to look like a gang territory battle was halted. In the midst of battle, I noticed something important. They were gangs alright, but I knew the vampires were one group. The other group was a little harder to tell, but appeared to be some kind of sub-species of lycanthropes. They were definitely half-beasts for some sort at best.

Oracle Moon(the kid I was talking about from earlier)was about 15-17 in age and definitely had an aura about him, but it was different from Angelus’s or Gavv’s. He had an essence of some kind of pure innocence to his apparel. Funny thing was, I could see what other people are like. But I can’t sense my own. Hmph. Figures. Oracle offered that if we needed help, come here. Angelus made quick friends with him and funny enough Gavv wouldn’t stop following us after that event. Eventually, I had ask him why and he wanted to work with us. So….I had no other choice but to invite him, whenever we went out for the hunt, never recon. I wouldn’t let Angelus do recon with me either, which I’m betting has him asking who these contacts of mine are. But I wouldn’t tell him for the life of me, until I feel he is up to it. Plus he couldn’t tell anyone their identities are either, for it would endanger me and specially them. Thus, starts a new chapter in life anew. Horror, sorrow, and companionship. Feelings that I never practiced before now, yet miss having not sharing it in the past with others.

William S. Part one ~Fin

Now I’m going to post the back story away from my character’s view with older posts after these events. Until I feel like writing more about Will. ~Enjoy the gag! ^_^ Sorry Angelus, you’re going to be this victim for this and next month. Then I’ll pick somebody else.

*Angelus runs past only in his boxers*

Angelus: I'm going to kill that imp!!!

Wll: What the hell happened this time?!?!? O_o!!!

Angelus: *gasping for air* Demon imp...stole pants...huff...

Will: -_-; *sighs* I guess I'll help you. *pulls out a thick book* Cult Demon 4....

o_o Have you tried using doughnuts to lure it?

Doughnuts? ...I guess I never thought of trying that...

Will: Here's a box of a dozen. Use them wisely..... >.> *Quietly*(Though you could use some pants.)

Angelus: Thanks... -_- Now if you excuse me, I need to go home and *ahem* change clothes...

Will: Ummm.... But didn't you lose you car to that imp?

*Akward silence.*

Will: Want a ride? o_o; (Seeing you will need it.)