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Dear Angelus,

==========>Dear, Angelus<==========
 After cleaning and locking up the equipment, Angelus finally finds some peaceful silence to think by himself. Disturbed by the sickening strain of events this past week, even so there is a lingering curiosity that irks him. I know Will was a little odd at times, but I would have never guessed some of his unusual contacts were creatures of the night them selves…. First Vampires, what…maybe that would be a thought left alone and not for the imagination. Like killer mutant pomatoes, but knowing his luck it was a possibility.
 Walking out to his car, tote of books and all, neatly dropped the load next to his rear tire to load all into the trunk. Just fumbling for the car keys was all in a day’s work, so he could leave all the much sooner. After the loading was done, he made himself comfortable in the driver’s seat. As he was about to turn the ignition, he checks his cell. “4:30 PM” Angelus thought to himself that before he goes looking for Drifter, maybe he should swing by his apartment. He has not been there since last night’s events and meeting the dynamic duo of Ethan and Davis. If you could call them that, or dysfunct brothers with the same Dad… In all honesty, I prefer to talk to Davis. He seems to at least understand some of what I’m going though, but I don’t think now is a good time to ask him such a question. Ethan, on the other hand, is more of a reclusive book worm. Obsessed with only the pursuit of knowledge.
   Back to what I am doing now, it roughly takes about two hours to get from work and back to my apartment. Funny enough, it’s faster to get a seat and drink at Amethyst Moon than it is to work. Because the parking on this block was full, he had to park about a block or two away from his apartment. When he was done with that, he started to make his way to the steps of his apartment. No sooner did Angelus get a visual, did he receive a loud and thunderous.
Angelus: Drifter?
She rubs her face drowsily, because Angelus woke her up from her nap.
Drifter: Well look what the cat dragged in! How you doing? I was waiting all day and wondered if you would come at all…
In her excitement of finding him, she gave Angelus a playful shove, but he fell over and dropped everything with a dumbstruck expression cemented on his face. Her mouth was moving, but there was something….
Drifter: (HEY!)
Angelus: Huh? *He was still sitting on the ground with his books in total disarray.*
Drifter: Don’t you “huh” me and I was about to get to the juicy part! Angelus? Seriously, are you okay?
Angelus: Oh. I’m sorry, I must have been a million miles away. Could we please continue this inside?
Drifter: I’m not sure if you would want to go in… >.>
Angelus: Why would that be?
As he turns into see his apartment, swinging the door open like something is about to jump him, his jaw nearly dropped off his face. 
Drifter: When I came here last night, this was the state I found everything in.
   From the outside, you can’t see in the windows, so everything looks normal on the exterior. The common living space was absolutely trashed. His treasured DVD collection and extensive book collection was just scattered about in no particular manner. Cuts and grazes etched into the walls of his once serine, blue walls also bathed in dark, dried vermillion tears flowing as if the walls themselves were in mourning. Drifter closes the door behind them.
Drifter: This wasn’t here last night…Angelus, you ought to see this. I think it’s meant for you.
He turns his attention away from the kitchen to what Drifter is looking at on the front door. 
   The rest was purposely left unfinished, as if I was to supposed to have already known the answer.
Drifter: So?
Angelus: Um? Would you be kind enough to help me clean and search my apartment at the same time?
Drifter: What am I? Your slave?!?!
Angelus: *sighs* >.> Please?
 When all the walls were blue again and the floors immaculate, the time was already ten past eight forty PM.
Drifter: Well that about does it!
Angelus: Thank you again, Drifter.
Drifter: I almost forgot!
She hands over something large and quite heavy wrapped up in tissue paper wrap.
Drifter: You told me to find it, so here it is. Well…it’s about time I headed off home before it gets too late. Later!
Angelus: Uh. Bye, Drifter! Thanks again!
Drifter: Don’t sweat it!
 After she disappeared behind the other side of the door, the engraved message on his front door caught his eye again. Staring intensely at it, he could only think of what is this “door” and ill fate it says is to befall him? Thrusting his confusing thoughts aside, he knew it was time for him to turn in for the evening. He could ponder everything another time, in the morning. It’s Saturday tomorrow, so he’ll have more time to spend on such matters.
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