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4 hr Countdown.......as...........24 hr elapses


   Davis knew that Kratos would be against this, but he couldn't help but feel what Angelus was going though. He went though something similar himself, but it was his sibling. Maybe that's why he feels that Angelus can be trusted. As they approached the door, Davis felt a great surge of evil energy behind the door.

Davis: Angelus, Move!

   The door was locked, let with very little options in this situation. With incredile force, Davis ripped the door from its hinges. Rushing in, he quickly found that Will was missing and left a tremendous mess aa he left. Or was it something possessing him. For Will to escape, required him to acquire inhuman strength or powers of the sort. The stench of blood was thick in the room, the floor was coated in a trail cluing the two in on to how he left.


As Drifter left the apartment the one thing that caught her eye earlier no curiosity had brought her back to was the blood on the tile floor.

Drifter:What the F*ck.....


-----------------------------------Essence of Timeliness------------------------------------------

   Angelus  is now sitting at his desk wondering what is he going to do tonight after work.  So much has happened, but there has been no word of Will's where abouts and he hasn't been to his apartment since he left to the vampire's keep.  Will's missing and that woman with the black silky hair haunts his thoughts as he remembers meeting her.  She seems suspicious no matter how he looks at this current situation.  The halls are busy with shuffling bodies and distant chatter, but his mind is hollow of all thought of joy.  Instead it is filled with thoughts of fear of what is he getting himself into and Will's whereabouts.  He knows that Drifter, as stubborn as she is, may be his safest contact to rely on.  

At that moment, his thoughts paused.

   Where is Drifter now.  He hasn't heard from her from last night, nor has she tried calling him either.  Angelus still has four hours till his block of instruction is over, so he can pack up to go home.  The problem of going home was if Kratos was waiting, or would that woman be there to finish him during his trip there?  Angelus tried shaking these morbid thoughts from this head and put on a game face to hide his worries.
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