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Friend or Foe?

???: I'm afraid I cannot give that information, Mr. Zealounious, but you are welcomed to asking the lovely Miss Undomiel.
Gavv: What are you talking about?
???: Pardon me, but I must be going. You see, I'm scheduled to meet your friend Angelus tonight and it is distastful to arrive late. Goodnight, Mr. Zealounious and tell Miss Undomiel to please mind Sonya.
Gavv: What the hell are you?!


The figure of a man sat comfortably in a black leather chair of a vacant office. Books were scattered everyone and blood stained its carpets. The once floral wallpaper was now peeling off and morbid photographs were taped on the walls.

???: Soon, Lilith. Soon, you will be reunited with your dear older brother, and such a reunion it will be. And after you and the other Hunters are eliminated, then the Brethren can complete its ultimate goal. *maniacal laughter*

There was a faint knock on the door.

???: What is it?

A woman entered the room. Her short black hair was messy, looking as though she rarely combed it and she wore what appeared to be a gothic victorian dress but shorter.

???: Ah, Sonya. Just the person I wanted to speak to. I have a little job for you.

(My addition)

Will: Did I miss calculate?

He looks out the window….him……. He’s here. Will felt his blood boil, but tried to hold back his rage. It would further complicate matters and diminish what rationality he had left. He decided to make it up to Angelus, because the reason “he” is after Angelus is because of him. Will knows one thing. His resilience to the darkness is waning. How deep is too late? The “monster” he released? The fact the curse in the book prevents him from revealing its secrets to others through speech or word, was a major hindrance. But Angelus’s life was in danger, the man attacking isn’t human and soon…..I just hope Angelus is prepared for the worst. William grabbed the blades on his desk and proceeded towards the entrance of the house, with haste.


Angelus hears the force of the door as Will appeared. He noticed the assailant had stopped and was more interested his target in mind.

?????: So we meet again.
Angelus: (Again?!? When?)

Will was trying his best to maintain his composure, though the pain in chest and head was killing him. He knew whatever it was, he had to do it quick. Before it was too late…..

Will: (Throws Angelus a long sword.)

Angelus didn’t like the look that the mysterious man gave them, but what irked him more was Will’s appearance. Will is in no condition to fight, but….

Will: State your business here, Tremere.
?????: So….you know what I am. I was hoping to take you both with me to the masters alive, but now I’ll have to kill you both!
Will: *weak smile* Oh, really? I know that bringing at least one of us dead would anger your sire. Wouldn’t it?
?????: *tch* You seem to know more than your friend there….

He wasn’t far from the truth. Angelus was wondering, how deep is Will into the monster realm? How is it that they all know him very well?

Angelus: Will, let me---
Will: No. You need to safeguard what I gave you. He’s after that and---
?????: There’s no reason to divulge all “that” to your under informed friend. *chuckles*
Will: (Draws his Nodachi blade) *smirk* Then I guess you leave me with no choice. (To Angelus) Get as far from here as you---
Angelus: No! You’re still ill!
Will: Angelus! *passing an evil glare*
Angelus: *shivers* But---
Will: Go. NOW!!!

Angelus didn’t budge, that only seem to anger Will. Because of Angelus’s stubborn actions, the mysterious man took full advantage of the moment.

Will: Angelus! (He shoves Angelus)
Angelus: Wha----Aaahhhhh!
?????: I see. I should’ve done this sooner.
Will: *glare* Rrrrr…..
Angelus: O_o (Now that I look at Will, I’ve never seen him lose his cool anywhere.)

“Open it.”
Angelus: Huh? Will did you—

Angelus looks where Will was at, but Will struck out at the man first. Too enraptured within the moment, the two violently duel each other.

Angelus: Who said---

“Open me.” “I can grant power.”

Angelus looks around, then he noticed a glow from his right jacket pocket. Reaches in and pulls out the book.

“Open me.”

Angelus: (I can’t believe I’m talking to a---) Power?

“Yes, if only you open me.”

Angelus looks to see how Will is holding.

Will: Gaaaarghhhhhhhhhh!!!! (Falls to his knees) Bastard!
?????: *cackles* Hmmm…. *licks his blade dripping in blood* mmm…your blood tastes wonderful, I wonder how---
Will: Haaaaaahhhh! *charges him with full force*

Angelus knew that Will was losing, there is no way in his current condition to win this hopeless battle…unless…

Angelus: What will happen if I open you?

“The power desired will be released.”
Angelus: How so?

“Open and knowledge will be received.”

Something came over Angelus, more than ever. Without being fully conscious about it, he started to turn its cover and pages. Unable to comprehend fully what power he has released, he noticed that the book was emitting a low, humming glow.

?????: *Looks over to Angelus* (No he didn’t just.)
Will: (What have yo---) *gasp*

His whole body’s sense’s all went numb and buckled to his knees.

?????: (What is going on?)


He turns to see who it is…..Davis? Ethan?

Davis: We’re here to help you!!!!

Angelus suddenly remembers that he’s holding onto it and fiercely slams it shut.

Ethan: We need to get you out of---
Angelus: What about, Will?
Ethan: Davis will take care of him.
Angelus: Why can’t we---
Ethan: That book. It’s the source of it.

Davis: (He looks worse than before!)
Will: Da…
Davis: Will. Snap out of it!
Will: Daaa….
Davis: Answer me, Will!
Will: (slumps over) Dav---
Davis: Ooff… (He’s heavier than he looks.) Ethan, get out of here. The Tremere sent reinforcements after us!
Will: *kaff* *wheeze*

Suddenly Will starts vomiting blood.
Davis: Will?!?
Ethan: Get out of there, Davis!

Davis leaps away from Will swiftly. Will slowly works his way to his feet.

Will: Gah…*wheezing*

Angelus knew something was not right. Will was extending his left arm out as to reach out to something beyond his reach.

?????: Well, I’m out of here---
Will: *wheezing* Don’t you move---Derek Muyen….
Derek: How’d you… (I wasn’t expecting him to know my name, hopefully that’s all he---)
Will: *kaff* Know? I know more Derek, much more. Kufufufufu….

Angelus saw something unusual, Will’s eyes….they look like a cobra’s callous glaze. Then they turned red!!
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