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Slumbering Tyrant of Bloodthirsty Malice: Part II

Angelus opened it. The message had a link and a warning on it.

Mr. Maxwell,

I have valuable information reguarding your current situation, but I still wish to remain an unknown and unaffiliated to anyone. You will soon enough learn what I am. This clue will help you, if you are brave enough to investigate or able to.

That message made Angelus wonder, how many are involved in this. Hesitantly, he clicked on the link. A new window opened up, which closely resembled a news artilce recent by the date on it, but something about it was not right. The time posted on it was from about a half hour ago. Angelus saw that the pictures were put on separate links on the page too. This is an article on a murder case. Angelus thought to himself that these are probally like the cases from earlier, but the article proven otherwise.

This artilce was about a vicious case of murder where the suspect is considered to be a large animal, due to the victims' dismembered body and torn limbs. It was a couple out in the Renford Sqaure Park not even twenty minutes away from his house. Then Angelus clicked on the links to the artilce, what he saw....what he saw made him cringe in absolute horror. As he went through the Photos, he turned somewhat pale.

Angelus: Whatever did that was NOT HUMAN. That's for certian.

Angelus picked up Apocalypse and grabbed his car keys. He was off to see someone he could talk to. The problem is that he knew he shouldn't talk o him, but he chose to go against what Ethan and Davis told him.
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