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The Weekly Post: The Moonlit Lotus (21-26 September)

I know that this post is a little late, but of course juggling army and sleeping problems doesn't always bode well. ^^;;; I'm thinking of posting yet another poll later today and I will be on for the most of the week in the evining. I might be on Friday, depending if I go to draft or not. Most likely I will not draft, thanks to last week's horrible choice. Plus all the other people want to play is the cold Snap edition. I don't hate it, but I don't like having it every single week. I hope that "you" the players are aware and are reading the recent posts as the story unfolds. This is of the Curiousity Killed the Catr senario and of the Fragile Cords of Sanity, mainly. I will organize these later so that you can just pick it, like chapters of a book, and back track when needed or a must to catch up. I've noticed that the times of here in AZ is 3 hours difference and I try to be flexible w/ the job I have. I don't get off till 1630-1500, so that means by the time I'm back at the barracks may differ. On top of that, I still need to get dinner.

Hopefully the story plot will futher devolge later, as tomorrow comes up as a RP night agian. I will try to be on early as possible Thursday, with wheather and work permitting. With the job I have, I can only leave until 1630-1500 or when ordered to leave. Plus I'm about to update the Bio on the front page, as soon as September rolls by or the four day weekend I have coming up next week. This should be interesting for maybe Tuscon will be on the to-do-list. I still have paperwork tofinish, but w/o the CO here there will be no way of finishing it. Seeing that it needs his John Hanncock for approval. Though both of the paperwork are due before the end of today.

I'll be doing the poll quickly, after finishing up this post. I shall to keep a certian standard while doing all of this, so keep your eyes peeled for any other upcoming posts soon to come!

(For you players reading this~~Happy Hunting!)
(For the creatures we judge~~Have fun. Be safe. Eat brains!)

+Your Local Hunter Rep+

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