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The Slumbering Tyrant of Bloodthirsty Malice

Nightfall of the second day I have been released. It was a long four days, staying at the hospital. The doctors said they were amazed that those wounds I recieved healed so rapidly. Then again, I was surprised too. Curious enough, Angelus said that he wanted to examine that book I had in my room and reported that it was missing when he went to my house to get it. Oddly, he did try looking for it himself. He couldn't remember where he put it either. He tried helping Angelus, but something was different about Angelus. Plus he wasn't able to get in contact with either Ethan or Davis, which worries him. He thought to himself, maybe they're trying to lay low. But Angelus's behavior has been suspicious lately, it's like he's trying to--trying to---

Khalie: Will? Is there something wrong?
Will: *snaps out of it* What? *shakes his head* No, nothing sis.
Khalie: You know that you've been spacing out a lot these past few days?
Will: Really?
Khaile: You know that is "why" I worry so much about you.

Will felt dizzy and stumbled on his feet, to the floor.

Khalie: Brother!
Will: It's nothing, Khalie. I'm fine.
Khalie: *places her hand on his forehead* No you're not. You're burning hot.
Will: Oh, that? I took some medic----
Khalie: *jerks his arm* No. Brother, you should rest. Have Ryan cover for you to work today.
Will: *sighs* (He remembered what Ryan did ask of him, so...) Fine. I will, but would you please quit acting so worried. It's not like I'll die of a fever. *chuckles*
Khalie: (with a worried face) But that is why I worry brother. You don't take things like this seriously enough.
Will: How about this. You can stay here until you have to go to work at 9am and I'll call you later after you are done with work to let yo know that I'm fine?
Khalie: If only I can come and make you lunch too.
Will: *pause* Fine. Agreed. I'll be off to my room then.


Angelus: Davis, so what do you suggest I do?
Davis: I don't know, but even Ethan cannot find the source of the evil that is corrupting your friend. He's even searched his house for that "book" while he was gone from his house for 4 days.
Angelus: How did he get in?
Davis: Easy. Will has let us have access to his house before.
Angelus: Davis, how long have you been working with my frined?
Davis: Before you met him and before either of you would've known me or Ethan were not human.
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