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Karn's Farewell

Gavv searches Will's house to see if anyone is around. After the blinding light which banished the zombies, he hasn't seen anyone since. Gavv decides to go outside to see if anyone is out there. He sees that Angelus' car is gone.
Gavv: "Everyone must have left for work."
Gavv looks at his watch seeing that it is already afternoon. When he looks up, he sees Karn in the forest. Gavv walks over to see if Karn knows anything, but Karn tells him to stop before he gets to close.
Karn: "I have found one."
Karn sounded excited, but Gavv didn't know why.
Gavv: "What did you find?"
Karn: "A new portal. I can finally go home to my own world. Are Will and Angelus back from work yet?"
Gavv: "I didn't see them at the house."
Karn: "Oh, I wanted to thank them for their hospitality and say goodbye, but I don't know how long this portal will stay open. Tell them goodbye for me and make sure to give this to Will."
Karn opened up his chest and handed a large book that was written in strange characters. Karn then closed his chest and walked toward the portal.
Karn: "So long. And make sure to give that book to Will or Angelus the next time you see them. It might come in handy someday."
With that Karn walked into the portal and vanished. Gavv didn't know what to say. He was going to miss Karn, but this world would be a little less strange without him. Gavv looked at his watch again and started to walk to work. He knew he was going to be early, but he had nothing else to do. Plus he had no way of knowing if Will or Angelus was still at the university or not. So he put the book in his bag and kept walking. He would go to Angelus' after work.
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