Kio Sarsi (terminafairy) wrote in hunter_net_log,
Kio Sarsi

Power out! Oh noes!!1!

The room was silent after the lights had flicked off. The power rarely went out, even during times when he was using too many electronics at once.

"Angelus, you DID pay your electric bill, right?" Will asked, rather irritated.

"Of course I did!" Angelus replied. The electric bill had been one of the few things he did pay this month. What reason did they have to cut him off?

"Lilith, did you mess with the power?" Will said.

"Of course not! What kind of person do you think I am?" she snapped.

"A nosy thief," Will said under his breath, followed by a "I heard that!" from Lilith. Angelus got up from his seat, bumping his knee on the table. He usually kept a flashlight in his bedroom. Then he remembered his laptop was still there. It was plugged into the wall, but it should still be on.

"I'll be back with a flashlight," he said, trying to feel his way to his bedroom. Although neither of them could see, they were glaring at each other. A soft knock at the door interrupted them.

Meanwhile, Angelus had found his way into his bedroom. The glowing screen of his laptop provide some light so he could find his way around the room.

"You have one new message."

'Not again,' he thought. Once again, the unknown sender had sent him something. He clicked the the new e-mail. The unknown sender had only written two words.

"found you"
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